In life, we practice the art of making Familiar, or, perhaps I should have said, “In life we practice the art of making Familiars”.

The old spiritual meaning of the word Familiar means a person, object, spirit or animal in which one has a relationship based on magical intuition, unspoken understanding, and shared power. Extended, this meaning of Familiar also relates to the object and places that are most dear to us, aspects of our imagination have vested us with a strong emotion or sentiment, and, to which, we give a value that exceeds the understanding of others.

More importantly the word Familiar speaks to the energy created by the expression of a relationship that moves outward and becomes a force unto itself, and an ally to its creators. In our modern world we may look at this use of the word with perplexity, but we realize the old sense of the term Familiar in our most intimate relationships whether it is with a family member, a lover, or a close friend.

I have chosen lovers as a way to present the power of Familiars. When we are in love the world opens up, and the imagination and senses give each moment of our perception a rare and magical power. Our love weaves this magical power and expresses it outward as a Familiar, a force, an ally, the beauty of our combined energy.

But the idea is not limited merely to a representation of love and those we love, these are relationships which potentially can exist between every person in every part of the world. The earth, the animals, our fellow humans all are potential familiars.

In each day at each moment, we are given the opportunity to multiply into infinity and endlessly create and recreate Familiars.

“All Art is of making Familiars,

All Love is of making Familiars,

All Life is of making Familiars.”

Sose Gjelajwas born in Yugoslavia and has been living and working in this country for over thirty years. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout New England and Europe. She is the first artist of Albanian heritage to have her own show in New York City. She has studied painting and drawing in Italy, and the United States.